Aidas Bendoraitis

Hello, I am a Lithuanian living in Berlin, Germany, since 2005.

I have been working in a small but impactful design company as a web developer. As a back-end Django developer, I developed various cultural platforms for creative industries: for artists, museums, and theaters in Berlin and elsewhere.

I am tracking my technical journey under the DjangoTricks pseudonym on Twitter, website, and blog.

Over time, I have published multiple Django Web Development Cookbook editions for intermediate Django developers.

Last year, I started an entrepreneurial path with the strategic prioritizer 1st things 1st, allowing you to narrow down options based on different criteria. You can set priorities for tasks, goals, purchases, ideas, and basically anything that can be listed and evaluated.

And these are my recently published concise productivity guides: one for procrastinators and another for high achievers.

My 4 Products
1st things 1st

Make decisions easier – narrow down options based on criteria!

Productivity Tips for Procrastinators

80 productivity tips to help you start fulfilling your dreams

Productivity Tips for High Achievers

120+ productivity tips to help you achieve your goals

Django GDPR Cookie Consent

Highly customizable Django app to make your Django website compatible with GDPR Cookie law

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