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    Julia Álvarez

    Hi there!

    I’m a backend and web programmer. I found programming by chance and fell in love. I love what I do and wanted to add value with my own solutions.

    A couple of years ago I started to get interested and to take seriously my nutrition, movement and health in general. I was so motivated that I even became certified in sports nutrition. I wanted to support others who wanted to work on their health and create a space where this could be promoted, so I created CompassMe.

    My sweet spot is a middle point between software and health. I want to keep building solutions in this area.

    My 1 Products

    Your health partner in crime

    WBE Space Review

    The community is very active and supportive. This is very helpful when you need feedback, help or just share what you are doing. Tiago is all the time ideating how to improve the community. I was missing some tech entrepreneurial community in my life, I got to know WBE, and I am happy to be here.

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