Hello, I’m Kavya from Singapore.

I recently quit my job (Jun 2021) to focus on my project Resumey.Pro. It’s a Markdown-based resume builder to create beautiful resumes that help you stand out.

My husband is my co-founder. My primary focus is on product design and marketing while his is development. We are currently at a monthly revenue of slightly over $200. Our goal is to reach an MRR of at least $2000 from Resumey.Pro alone. Wish me luck! 🍀

Also, I am on the journey of learning and becoming a better product designer.

When I am not working, I like to play tennis, try out new restaurants/cuisines and socialize (missing this big time due to pandemic).

Feel free to connect with me either on Twitter or LinkedIn (or both!)

WBE Space Review

WBE is my go-to place for sharing about my work ups and downs. They're a special because they understand my journey: we're in it together. They come from such diverse backgrounds and so much to learn from their experiences.

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