Kazi Rabbany

Hello, everyone 👋

I am a software engineer and tech entrepreneur. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2008!
Just recently, I’ve started building in public. 💪

2022 Goals

In 2022, I started the “12 Startups in 12 Months” challenge. I am documenting my journey in my newsletter. Please feel free to subscribe. And follow me on Twitter.

Current startups from this challenge:

  • LabSocial - A Twitter growth tool to leverage meaningful relationships & to build your audience on Twitter
  • Twitter Incubation Program - A comprehensive guide for building a loyal audience on Twitter. It’s for beginners who have less than 1K followers.
  • Mixio.net - A landing page builder to create and validate your MVP faster
  • KrazyMail - Validate & verify email addresses in realtime
  • AI Tools - Some AI tools for you
  • OneGame - Mindful dating with a unique matchmaking experience

My goal is to have any one of the startups from this challenge to be profitable enough to make it a full-time job. 🎯


I really like traveling and exploring different cultures. I would love to do travel plans again, once the pandemic is in control. ✈️

WBE Space Review

WBE is an awesome community where we share our ideas, exchange knowledge and most importantly support each other. All the members are really helpful and friendly. It has definitely helped me boost my productivity.

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