LaLa Artica

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ಠ_ಠ Scavenger hunting murals, collecting postcard, No code, AI Art & #LearningInPublic

My 5 Products
Mural Passport

Interactive Journal Mural Passport helps you create memories by recording meaningful details of each mural questing expedition.

Pasaporte Mural

Un diario interactivo, Mural Passport lo ayuda a crear recuerdos al registrar detalles significativos de cada expedición de búsqueda de murales.

My Picture Postcard Shop

Start of My Picture Postcard Shop, Location may change but since we Learn and build in public, Let's get started here!

LaLa's Publications

These are Journals and booklets published through Amazon KDP

Lala's Design

This is LaLa's learning how to design for print on demand. There is a long way to go in this area of training, but i'm proud of starting where I was, learning the softwares, and This shop will have all the updates of my progress as i continue learning. This is fun, so I encourage everyone to try some Print on Demand Art.

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