I love to explore new things, change my perspective and get insights into realities outside my bubble. This allows be to develop my own ideas and side projects and give valuable feedback and advice to my students at a Bavarian university. That’s why I completed two Working Out Loud circles in 2021 and joined the Wannabe Entrepreneurs’ Community after listening to episode 61 of the Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast (highly recommended). In 2022, I focus on training my mind for even more serendipity.

Austrian German is my native language; learned English, Spanish and Russian at school/university and some Croatian later on. Passionate scuba diver, UW rugby player, president of the local dive club, and flamenco dancer. Enjoying nature and caring for myself is one of my goals in 2022.

Inspired by Tiago, we started the 4-3-2-1 podcast as a group of four internationals living in a city of three rivers (series 1 has just started rather experimental; decision about series 2 outstanding). Earlier this year, I seriously considered to create content to earn money. By now, I have decided to continue tweeting, podcasting and similar for fun. And then someone offered me to give a workshop on networking and even offered to pay.

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