Hey everyone, I’m a former engineer and marketer and current full-time wannabe entrepreneur.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m working on an Ed-tech idea for Primary and foundational education. It will help educators create content, grade work and digitise the teaching and learning experience - that’s the dream any way!

I’ve got some skills in the following (but I’m definitely no expert!) - feel free to reach out if you’d like a hand:

  • Digital marketing (content creation, SEO, Paid Ads)
  • Product-led Growth (Segment integration and growth stacks)
  • UI/UX design, video creation and graphic design

I’m a rookie web-developer and would love any advice on building tech products. Right now I’m using Vue 3, NUXT and Supabase to build my app.

Some things I like to do for fun:

  • Archery
  • Bike-riding and jogging
  • Tutoring (for work and I also really enjoy it)

I’m excited to hear more about other people’s personal journey in entrepreneurship, so feel free to reach out for a chat!

WBE Space Review

So far I've really enjoyed how active this community has been. Everyone has been super friendly and offered some really helpful advice. I'm excited to get more actively involved with other members in the Accelerator program and Office work sessions too. If you're looking for a community of bootstrappers and rebels, you've found your tribe!

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