Tiago Ferreira

Hey, everyone 👋

I am a software developer turned Indie Hacker. I quit my job in June 2021 to focus 100% on bootstrapping my projects.

I love the indie hacking communitty and I have been focusing in building content and tools to help bootstrappers reach their dream MRR.

When I am not hacking I am either traveling, sailing or watching Netflix 🤣

My 4 Products
WBE Space

A community where bootstrappers share their journey and support each other

Bootstrapper's Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you structure your ideas and find paying users


The journey of a solopreneur trying to bootstrap his own startup while sharing his mistakes and learnings and interviewing other indie makers from all over the world


A climate change app to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle

WBE Space Review

People here are so nice and supportive! It feels really good to work and share my journey with like minded people!

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