Tiago Ferreira

Hey, everyone 👋

I am a software developer and a wannabe entrepreneur. I quit my job in June 2021 to focus 100% on bootstrapping my projects.

I started by working on a climate change app (Changeit) and soon after resigning, I felt the need to speak about my challenges and learnings and to do that I decided to create my own podcast (Wannabe Entrepreneur Podcast). To support the pod I created a slack channel as a perk for the listeners that wanted to support me. This slack channel end up growing and eventually became this virtual coworking space.

One of the features of the coworking space, we have a virtual office, that I built myself. Since everyone liked this tool I decided to make another business out of it and therefore I created the Indie Offices.

As you can see everything is connected…

2022 Goals

  • 100 WBE members
  • 500 audience size on the podcast
  • 1K MRR
  • 2K twitter followers
  • Finish my music album
  • Find a regular sport to do ✅ 

WBE Space Review

People here are so nice and supportive! It feels really good to work and share my journey with like minded people!

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