November 5, 2021

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Entrepreneur’s Anxiety

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Episode Summary

Can’t Live with It, Can’t Live without it!

Entrepreneurship can be exciting, exhilarating, and thrilling. The very thought of accomplishing your dreams, pursuing your goals, and being the boss of your own self, can be very satisfying.

No stresses of following someone else’s orders, meeting schedules for others, and doing work to fulfill someone else’s dreams.

Entrepreneurship, is indeed, a very attractive package.

There is no Elevator to Success – You Have to Take the Stairs!

Behind all this glitz and glamor of entrepreneurship is a long list of struggles and challenges. This adventure-driven roller coaster ride does not come to you on a plate.

You have to work hard for it.

In fact, in the early stages, it can be one of the most stressful endeavors of your life. Meeting hard-pressed deadlines, doing all kinds of unknown works, and dealing with unforeseen encounters is common.

Meeting your expenses and coping up with the cash flow requirements, is one of the most difficult challenges of your journey. Fulfilling obligations of rent, salaries, supplies, and other operational expenses is like a steep hill that does not end.

Your product or service offering might be very attractive and promising, but in the initial days, it might not make any money.

Anxiety might outshine all your future aspirations and cast a thick cloud of hopelessness all around you.

Sources of Anxiety for an Entrepreneur

There are several sources of entrepreneurial anxiety and stress:

  • Lack of a Salary
  • No Sales
  • Employee Management
  • Business Sustenance
  • Higher Workload
  • Pressures of being Responsible
  • Stressed Personal Life Due to Work
  • Fulfilling Diverse Responsibilities
  • Dealing with Unpredictable and New Challenges
  • Coping with Entrepreneurial Stresses Alone

Don’t let these fears overpower your dreams and entrepreneurial zeal!

Although this anxiety is an essential part of the entrepreneurial process, you must learn to cope with it effectively.

Here are some great tips that can help you come out of all the stress and keep you motivated to go on a path of self-accomplished success:

  • Stop, take breaks and breathe to stay calm (meditation often helps).
  • Keep reiterating your vision and goals.
  • Do not follow the “What If It Works” approach rather go for “It Will Work” optimism.
  • Understand and be prepared for the worst-case scenario.
  • Prioritize your options and actions.
  • Take out time for personal life and self-care.
  • Connect your decisions and present situations with your original purpose.
  • Take advice from experts.
  • Focus on priority jobs rather than what is left to do.
  • Exercise

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Final Thoughts

Running your own entrepreneurial venture is very challenging. And if you throw in some anxiety into it, you have an even harder task in your hands.

The most important thing is always your health so make sure that you feel healthy both mentally and phisically.

So, take care of yourself first and then your business.

Do not let these small setbacks and challenges stop you from reaching out for your dreams!!