October 12, 2021

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Top bootstrapping tools that I use in all my projects

Here are my favorite free bootstrapping tools that I use in most of my projects.

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Episode Summary


Trello — Great to organize your ideas or to keep track of your project tasks

Calendly — Makes scheduling meetings much easier. It connects to your calendar and allows others to pick a time and a date to meet with you.

Pocket — This is like your browser favorites in steroids. You can get attribute tags to each favorite and easily search through them.

Social Media

Reddit — It’s a great tool to do market research, advertise your projects and collect feedback from potential users.

Linkedin — It’s a great tool to share your projects and find new users.

Buffer — It’s a tool that allows you to schedule your social media posts

Content Creation

Medium — It’s a blogging tool that allows you to easily write blog posts and share them with the world

Anchor — It’s a company own by spotify that allows you to easily record podcasts and publish them on multiple platforms (spotify, apple, web, etc…)

Zencastr — Great to record sound and video when interviewing or speaking with guests. Communication

Slack — No surprise here I guess! It’s probably the most used chatting tool for companies.

Mailchimp — Super powerful tool that allows you to easily collect your user’s email and stay in touch with them with target newsletters.

Google meets — Google is a car company that is developing the first self-driving car. Oh, and they are also into search and stuff… :p Google meets is a great tool to easily schedule meetings with just sharing a link.

Bootstrapping (for developers)

Hugo + Netlify + Github stack — This is my go-to stack to make my static websites for free. Simply putting Hugo allows you to generate good-looking websites using the only markdown. And I use Netlify together with Github to host my website. Are you interested in knowing more about this stack? Let me know in the comments.

Netlifycms — It’s a content management system for static websites. I used it together with the stack above and it allows me to have non-tech people creating content for my website.

Firebase — Made by the same car company as google meets they offer a big variety of tools that include: database, signup, notifications, analytics, etc…

Hetzner (not free) — Cheap virtual machines that allow me to run all my backend.

There are probably a lot of other interesting tools that I don’t know about so feel free to shoot me a message with your favorite free tools.