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Can anyone recommend a good text2speech api at a good price? [SOLVED]

I want to transcribe podcast episodes

author Tiago Ferreira

12 Answers

AssemblyAI. You can also download SRT or just copy the transcript from Recast.

writen by Abhinav Sohani

you probably want something more polished, but you can run whisper on replicate

writen by Jasper Schoormans

I’ve used Google’s text-to-speech on a side project <https//>

writen by Philip

Wait, you want speech to text

writen by Philip

Oh, interesting! I just started a new podcast series this morning, so I’ll need something similar.

writen by Matthias Bohlen

wait text2speech or speech2text?

writen by Benedikt

because transcribing would be speech2text, or not?

writen by Benedikt

Oh yes, speech2text.

writen by Matthias Bohlen

Years ago, I experimented with Google’s Speech API. It was really cheap, $1-3/hour. It makes mistakes, but it’s good enough for transcript if your goal is SEO. Free solution is to upload to YouTube, then download it’s automatic CC.

writen by Marc LG

This one is also quite cheap:

writen by Tiago Ferreira

That looks really good Jasper Schoormans. And is it free?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

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