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How did you get your first 10 customers?

author Andre Flores

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I got my first 10 when I was 11, they were all my mom’s friends lol. but adult me’s first 10 came from cold calling, was one of the hardest things ever I’ve done. But very rewarding

writen by Asli Kahraman

How did you learn to cold call and who to call even?

writen by Andre Flores

I had bought an online course for lead generation that teaches all that (who to call, how to call etc). got my first client in 21 days, for $1800/mo. felt pretty good that time.

writen by Asli Kahraman

Oh just a general question, nothing in particular.

What was the online course?

writen by Andre Flores

> or $1800/mo. felt pretty good that time. that’s crazy good were you selling lead generation Asli? :smile:

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

Andre Flores it was from this guy called Nick Wood, pretty extensive course. We built the SmartGenCo based on the model we learned from that course. Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter) yes still doing it, hired a guy for cold calling this time though

writen by Asli Kahraman

First 10 paid customers were through Product Hunt launch

In fact, we had already launched our product for free. Someone on PH commented that they’d be happy to pay for our product and suggested us to add a paywall. Once we did, we got our first 10 paid customers through PH

writen by Kavya

what was the product Kavya?

writen by Asli Kahraman

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