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Twitter Tools What twitter tools do I miss there?

author Dobroslav Radosavljevič

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Something what I would use is a tool or python script where you enter a tweet id or URL and it saves it with all replies as a JSON list.

I will probably code a script myself some day, just it’s not of a big priority at the moment.

I just find a lot of useful or interesting engagements that I could use as inspiration for long-form writings (blogging or books).

Just as a hobbyist, I wouldn’t pay for such a tool. I would rather create it myself. :)

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

I love the open source image. I clicked on it immediately! My only feedback is that I read this as BESOURCE

writen by WBE User

Aidas Bendoraitis Well, I was thinking existing tools 😊

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

WBE User Thanks for feedback. I’ll consider some redesign options

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

Cao Dobroslav Radosavljevič. I really love this database! I have a suggestion to add a category for Wellbeing (I see fitness & health but this one is more broad) or smt like that I humbly would be very grateful if you want to add my Playground to your list. It can be under ‘productivity’ or ‘community’. Its an anti-procrastination platform where you get 1:1 buddy, follow a simple productivity structure and connect via games.

writen by Ida Radovanovic

Hi Ida Radovanovic! Thanks for suggestion. You can submit it by yourself, if you want.

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

Ah yes, on that big button that says submit

writen by Ida Radovanovic

Yes yes!

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

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