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Is AppSumo Worth it?

We got approached by AppSumo to do a launch of Podsqueeze. They say that they will do all a the marketing and that we can expect at least 1000 sales. It’s a great marketing opportunity but at the same time it brings some risks because we pay per usage and would be offering a life time deal.

Is it worth it? What are the things we should consider?

author Tiago Ferreira

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cc <@U0432163LTS>, Fed at GummySearch would love to get your input here

writen by Tiago Ferreira

I’m happy I did my LTD, but:

  1. I did a private LTD and marketed it myself without appsumo, so didn’t have to share any profits or agree to any weird terms. Also running on AS they will pressure you to price the LTD lower than you would want to yourself.
  2. I prob wouldn’t run a LTD for a product with AI costs, if the AI costs are per-user (and not shared across all users). My server costs are quite low so it’s not much to maintain users that don’t pay additional fees. But AI costs can really stack up.
  3. when thinking of running a LTD, consider if you are going to sell to them just once, or have an upgrade path. If you have an upgrade path to subscriber for a higher tier of service (even if it’s like a year later), that is ideal and gets you best of both worlds between LTD and MRR

writen by Fed at GummySearch

The following have done AppSumo Launches in the past:

Mohit is currently doing one right now:

You could reach out to them to understand the pros/cons of the platform.

writen by Maxwell Davis

Your product would fit the market well - I’ve picked up Happy Scribe for instance.

I think the main thing is you need to understand what your potential customer cost is over a lifetime and therefore whether what you can charge is going to be enough to turn a profit.

writen by Maxwell Davis

These are great insights. Thank you Fed at GummySearch

writen by Tiago Ferreira

What do you mean with weird terms Fed at GummySearch?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Good points Maxwell Davis. The problem is that is still too soon to really know whats our costumer lifetime cost and also I think app sumo users are a bit different than normal users

writen by Tiago Ferreira

in terms of branding, being featured in App Sumo is it a good prestigious thing? Or can it give a cheap image?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

We discussed AppSumo in one of the previous Indie Worldwide meetings and the people who had experience said that it wasn’t worth it for them. They spent a time with AppSumo discussing terms and in the end AS was pushing for even lower limits and they said they didn’t want to go that low.

writen by Pascal Bovet

Currently Appsumo is the only consistent channel for new users on| I have a basic plan listed there - that drives users to a bigger LTD on our website. Most of the Appsumo users don’t convert to subscription payments at all - it’s good for initial traction, but not great long term - especially with recurring costs. There’s a lot of support costs involved as well

Some good writeups I found about other experiences

LTD outside Appsumo


My personal opinion is - spend the time focussing on MRR instead of LTD since you have traction already.

writen by Sanat Hegde

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