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Is it normal to have a time gap before users commit to pay for you SaaS?

Hey SaaS experts 👋 Podsqueeze is having a crazy amount of traffic (>200 users per day). But very very few are actually converting. In reality we only got 4 users yet…

Why do you think that is? Can it be that peeps are exploring the free minutes first and will start converting in a week or so?

author Tiago Ferreira

4 Answers

Traffic is great - do you know if the traffic has the right audience?

If yes - try to build trust with that audience.

I would recommend setting up a fb pixel and then setup a retargeting ad with a very small budget (around $1 a day). So these folks who’ve visited your site keep seeing podsqueeze regularly.

Or if you can nurture them some other way try doing that. So that you can convert them at a later stage, when they’re ready.

writen by Sanat Hegde

I actually have their emails. So I send emails with podsqueeze new features, etc…

writen by Tiago Ferreira

That’s pretty normal. Unless it solves an immediate problem, it will take time to educate and convince them. The fact that you already have 4 users for that price (was it $35/month?) is pretty impressive though.

writen by Philip

Just looked at your pricing again. The free package might be enough for a lot of people. I think I would have a trial rather than a free package for your product.

writen by Philip

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