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Is it worth setting up a company in Singapore?

Is it worth setting up a company in Singapore?

I found this company called| that helps us setup companies in Singapore. Taxeswise it seems to make a lot of sense because it’s much cheaper than Portugal for example… But is it that easy? They say that it’s mandatory to have a member of the company in Singapore but they take care of that…

It scares me a little. Any thoughts on this?

author Tiago Ferreira

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Just let Maxwell Davis do it :sweat_smile::joy:

writen by Benedikt

Best wishes from Kavya. She misses the community and still lacks time for anything concerning only herself.

writen by Luise Haack

did you talk with her?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Chat on Instagram 😎

writen by Luise Haack

Tiago Ferreira I’ve actually helped set up a company in Singapore as a parent company before. It was quite helpful and useful but mainly because it was a parent company for South Asian companies. It really depends on what field your company is and if you have anyone trustworthy there.

writen by WBE User

that’s interesting WBE User. Is it necessary to have someone from the company living in Singapore?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Hey Tiago Ferreira you’ll need a local for the director and company secretary roles (think they can just be one person). The local has to be a resident that’s either Singaporean or has a valid visa (A permanent resident like me).

There are plenty of services that provide what you need, and I’ve actually met people who’s job it is to be a director for this type of situation. Other option is someone you know of course.

Have you looked at Delaware as well? I know that’s popular with founders too

writen by Maxwell Davis

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