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Is marketing a science or just luck?

I had this conversation with JoĆ£o Amaro recently where he says that no one really knows how to bring users to a platform. Is always a matter of trying many things until one works. We were wondering if there is actually formulas or people that by studying marketing will be able to tell you with a degree of certainty what will work for your platform.

what do you think? šŸ¤”

author Tiago Ferreira

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It’s definitely both Seriously, there are known techniques and tools, frameworks and so on. But you still have to try and find out what works best for you.

writen by Benedikt

thoughts on this Luise Haack and Asli Kahraman?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

I think there are some ground rules such as understanding where your ICPs spend time and focusing your marketing efforts there. On the other hand, I’m at a point now building a following or a fan base somewhere online is the cheapest, easiest way of marketing. Especially if you have a B2C product.

writen by Asli Kahraman

I’ve tried some marketing methods for my ventures so far: Google Ads, affiliate marketing, cold calling, LinkedIn, Youtube. Can’t say I’m an expert in any of them but if anyone wants to have a chat, I’m open to share what I know

writen by Asli Kahraman

Did you get any luck with paid ads Asli Kahraman? We have tried them many times but it just sucks all of our money

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Google ads only. And yes, at| we had good success with GADS

writen by Asli Kahraman

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