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Solo-entrepreneurs, how do you prospect early users for your ideas and product?

I know this group is great for initial feedback, but what other means do you use to find early users for your product and services? Do you scrape Linkedin, use a tool like Apollo, etc.?

author Chris Chivetta

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It really depends on your target users and where they hangout. For the indie lottery for example we cold dm makers on Twitter and it’s working really well. Other option can be reddit. You just have to figure out where your target peeps hangout and try to find them there

writen by Tiago Ferreira

How do you find your users <@U02KJT2K3E0>, James Trimble and Maxwell Davis?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Mostly Google and Facebook ads and Facebook groups

writen by James Trimble

Thanks Tiago and James.

Tiago Ferreira and James Trimble - Are there tools that make searching through Reddit/Facebook groups easier? Or, is it typically trial and error of subreddit/facebook group topic, seeing which groups are conversational and active, etc. What have you done to make finding your target peeps easier over the years?

writen by Chris Chivetta

My product is print on demand cockpit posters for pilots to study/train with. I search the facebook groups for discussions on chairflying (what we call studying by imagining you’re in the plane), cockpit posters, study techniques, flight simulators, etc. and post replies there. I don’t use any special tools for this but you could use social media monitoring tools for this.

writen by James Trimble

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