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What to look for when hiring a freelance developer? [SOLVED]

As you know we are now in the process of hiring a dev to help out with a few tasks. It’s my first time hiring and would love to know what tips can you give me to properly evaluate a candidate and avoid any pitfalls

author Tiago Ferreira

4 Answers

I would look for someone who is able to simplify things. I know that most things in the world aren’t black or white, but you want someone who is able to simplify and only ping you when things are trully blocked. You don’t want to wake up and see a bunch of overly abstracted software that suddenly needs to be maintained, or forces you to do things in a certain way.

Example :

‘I was able to setup Apache Kafka to setup a messaging queue between services’ vs ‘I just used Supabase Realtime’

I would try to get him to solve what seems to be like a complex problem in the simplest way possible, with the least code as possible.

Ask him how he makes his code tolerable for the future: if he starts talking about complex design patterns of algorithms, at least try to ask him if he knows a simpler way.

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

Depends on what you are trying to hire a developer to do. Make sure they can show something previously built by them, if they can’t, that they can talk about it in simple terms.

writen by Justin Allen

great tips

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Hire one you won’t need to babysit.

It’s a good policy to require all contractors to be at least ‘a manager of one’ (self)

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

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