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What do I tell this guy and what is reasonable to ask for?

a problem I’ve encountered I could use input on

on monday morning i was at a wework, and the guy next to me somehow knocked over a full cup of water onto my laptop

ive been to the apple store and the computer has extensive liquid damage- the repair will be between $2200-$3600 (the cost of a new computer is ~$3700)

no insurance I have will cover this (and wework doesn’t cover it), so I’m on my own to do what needs to be done to fix it

when the damage happened, the guy said “if its broken, ill pay to get it fixed”, but I’m not sure he knew what he was in for when he said that lol

the debate I’m having:

He wasn’t being negligent or rowdy, the spill just happened

What if the situation was reversed and I did this to someone?

author Matt Gale

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I know what the Germans will say They have an insurance just for situations like this. Isn’t that right Luise Haack and Benedikt?

It’s a really annoying situation because he did not do it on purpose or by being negligent right?

I would tell him the situation and ask if he has any kind of insurance. If not I would not expect for him to pay for a new laptop. So I would probably ask him/her if they will be willing to pay for some of the costs. Maybe 1/3?

In the end you will have to pay some money I guess… shit happens unfortunately

writen by Tiago Ferreira

what do you think Bartolomeu Rodrigues and Asli Kahraman?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

True. We have Haftpflicht insurance for those cases. Maybe the guy got one as well. I’d definitely ask. Such an insurance would most of the time cover all the damage. I’d go at least with half the cost for him. Those things happen unfortunately.

writen by Benedikt

I’m a bit confused about the repair costs, though. Sounds like they’d replace kind of almost everything but the case or so.

writen by Benedikt

i can give you the list, but its pretty bad its a 16inch 2021 MBP with 32gb of ram

they have to do: • the top case (keyboard, speaker, trackpad) • 2 IO ports • the lid open/close sensor • the display • optionally the logic board its like the ship of theseus over here

writen by Matt Gale

i just googled Haftpflicht insurance thats cool!

writen by Matt Gale

I don’t know. My opinion is pretty lame: I always use cheap computers, and backup everything with scripts . If someone steals from me or I lose something, I just spend 900 euros on new equipment and keep on working. Happened to me last year. spend 8 hours till I bought a cheap computer and was back on it again

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

yeah, this has made me understand that having an expensive laptop is a bad idea too fragile for how we treat it, need proper insurance and use less expensive hardware

writen by Matt Gale

also, im the kind of guy that doesnt like to create much fuss about something and just want everything to go back to normal, so i understand that it’s not easy to ask for the money and keep the weird environment going

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

But the M1 macs are very affordable these days

writen by Tiago Ferreira

True. M1 with 16GB starts at 1.400 euros in Portugal (we usually sell at higher prices). Since you are freelancing, you might even get a smaller price if you deduct VAT

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

I’m with Bartolomeu Rodrigues Cheap laptop and remotely access my desktop or cloud services if I need more horsepower, but I really only use it if I’m traveling. If you work from a co-working space regularly and do graphics or AI or something like that you might need more horsepower locally.

As far as costs, could you buy a used one and have him pay some or all of it, depending on the price?

writen by James Trimble

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