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Anyone bought the remarkable2 and using it?

If so

  1. Why did you buy it?

  2. Would you buy it again?

  3. Did it live up to your expectations?

author Benedikt

9 Answers

I bought one.

  1. for mocking up apps and ideas.
  2. not sure I would buy it again, but I would buy it again before I would buy one by amazon.
  3. I think the build quality of the shell of it is really bad, if you drop it just the right (aka wrong) way, the power button will get stuck in.

writen by Justin Allen

Thanks a lot Justin

writen by Benedikt

what is remarkable2?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

hmmm, interesting

writen by Tiago Ferreira

It’s quite expensive

writen by Benedikt

I probably wouldn’t suggest buying it unless you really really have a lot extra money available to play with.

writen by Justin Allen

Also I got mine during a black friday deal, so maybe wait for one of those.

writen by Justin Allen

Good advice

writen by Benedikt

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