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Anyone here taking Midjourney subscription ?

Did you face any issues with payment ? I’m tryig with Indian cards, but nothing seems to work with stripe

author Suvojit Manna

5 Answers

I have a subscription but it was quite simple to deal with the payment. Their UI though is a joke

writen by Tiago Ferreira

What’s the issue with the UI ?

writen by Suvojit Manna

Suvojit Manna It’s just a chatbot in Discord

writen by James Trimble

James Trimble been using it for 3 days now, I dont find the text interface too bad. THe delay in generation is sometime what cases context switch isuues. I was wonder if you guys felt something differently ?

writen by Suvojit Manna

I haven’t been using midjourney, just stable diffusion. Tiago Ferreira?

writen by James Trimble

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