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Can your product be included in one of our networking games?

For eg. I use Typeform to host the games 😎 If you have an idea msg me and maybe I can include it into a game

author Ida Radovanovic

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Hi Ida, unfortunately I never make it to the events as the times usually don’t work for me. But I’m happy to make| available for free. You can create gap-filling exercises or surveys and drop-downs (which can be used for multiple-choice). Very soon there will also be drag&drop questions available.

writen by Philip

Hey Philip, clozetesting looks really cool and applicable! At the moment I am in the inspiration & brainstorming phase so I can’t promise but let’s see

writen by Ida Radovanovic

What a pity you cant come! What are the times that would make it work for you?

writen by Ida Radovanovic

Usually after 7pm UK time

writen by Philip

Hi Ida, you could use a cockpit poster for a scavenger hunt kind of game. Like find all the Cessna logos, find a switch with three positions, etc. I also haven’t been able to make it to any events because of the timing though.

writen by James Trimble

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