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> How’re you doing?

Does anyone have any experience with doing cold DMs on Linkedin.

My product -| is suited to recruiters - so I’ve been sending cold DMs to folks I think are the perfect target audience. (Entry or mid level or volume recuriters)

Out of the 291 DMs I’ve sent over the last two weeks

I’ve received 22 positive replies. (7%)

But zero signups.

Here’s the flow

My actual cold DM is usually along the lines of an open ended question asking

> How’re you doing?


> Do you personally handle any mid or entry level recruitments?

If they reply Yes.

I’ll reply with something along the lines of

> I’ve been building a screening automation tool for recruiters.


> It’s been working well for screening candidates - especially for those roles that need significant soft skills to be even considered for an interview.


> Using this, candidates can send out a video, answering the screening questions you set, instead of your team following up on phone calls.


> Here’s the link


> Would love for your to try it out.

It’s usually radio silence or some sort of a sure or yes - but no signups yet.

I would love some help on this.

author Sanat Hegde

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That first message would not be really interesting for me. Recruiters got a lot of messages because they speak with candidates and your message can disappear really fast in these. You should quickly present yourself and your product and it’s value for them in that first message. It should be short, but they need to understand why are you sending them that DM and that they can benefit from it

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

That’s my view on it

writen by Dobroslav Radosavljevič

From my experience ‘cold messaging’ is a numbers game.

You need to sen A LOT of messages and the conversion rate is really really low.

With that said a few things worked better than others: • Try out multiple channels. I have tried many: ◦ Indie Hackers (email) = no responses ◦ Linkedin (messages) = very few responses and no conversion ◦| (message) = very few responses and no conversion (I have only started now trying this) ◦ Email (after finding client website) = no responses ◦ Twitter (sending dms to makers) = good level of responses and a few conversionsGive Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse (something free) ◦ What do recruiters want? Probably great dev candidates. You could give them a list of top candidates open to work if they register for example. ◦ Tell them that you are giving them 1 month access to your tool • Give real life examples ◦ Amazon uses a tool like these and so does google and that has increased productivity by x% btw I like your first message. Open questions always work best

would love to hear Kavya and Sam Cox thoughts on this too

writen by Tiago Ferreira

It also might be important to understand why they are not trying it out immediately. Is there a lot of competition already? Is it not a big problem you are solving?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Thanks for the detailed reply! Tiago Ferreira

There is competition yes - but there’s a lot of space to grow around it in my opinion. I think the bigger problem is the level of commitment involved to try out something. That’s all I can think of.

I managed to get one call with a person through Linkedin DMs - and he did not thought that this was a replacement for traditional interviews - which is wrong. So maybe there’s a positioning problem as well…

writen by Sanat Hegde

having calls with people is always a great way to get some super relevant insights

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Tiago Ferreira Interesting insights, Tiago. So how do you send cold DMs on Twitter? You manually send each DM in the chat?

writen by Goutham J

Actually it was I used a mixed of two products from the wbe. Jasper Schoormans generated a really cool list of build in public peeps and then I imported that to hivoe (from Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter))

writen by Tiago Ferreira

there’s a format for cold messages that seems working pretty well (but I didn’t use it directly, so take it with a pinch of salt).

Hi {{name}}!

Intro Personalized Message I’ve seen the you did xyz, congrats.

Small presentation of what you do or open question (make experiments with this).

Outro, another personalized message: “P.S: I noticed you launched xyz…”

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

This format requires time to study a bit the profile of the target user, but should get higher conversion rate. Alternatively, you need to send thousands of messages, because as stated by Tiago, the conversion rate would be very low.

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

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writen by Tiago Ferreira

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