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And what are the plugins that can do it fast ?

During our coffee chat Bartolomeu Rodrigues and me were discussing about how to turn figma components to react components.

Anyone here has any experience with this ?

author Suvojit Manna

5 Answers

No experience, but this might be interesting for me too as our product manager has been using Figma. I doubt in my case it will actually be of much benefit, but still curious…

writen by Philip

I normally just use a UI kit that has both figma template and React components, using the same design tokens, like Ant Design

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

I was checking this website some time ago:|

Maybe it suits your needs

writen by Mike

I’ve played around a few weeks back with| I haven’t used it for something concrete, so I can’t say anything in regards to prod-level components. But still, looks promising. Give it a shot

writen by Bogdan Bias

There were a million people trying to nailed it and as far as I can tell, nobody did it well.

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

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