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How do you guys do it ?

Hello everybody !

I had an epiphany today : as a part-time rookie indie maker ,I only have 1 brain and 1 body, but have to be on top of an incredible number of stuff.

I’m looking for your best practices about time and energy management as indie makers, especially if you’re still working at a day job like me.

author Luc

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Tiago Ferreira shared a tweet on how much work he has recently… Also, there are some episodes in his podcast on the matter.

Let’s say, it is a challenge and we were all listening very attentively to <@U032KER2E06>’ presentation on productivity and priorities…

writen by Luise Haack

Thanks ! Is there a link to Aidas Bendoraitis’s presentation?

writen by Luc

I don’t think we recorded it, but he has a guide on Gumroad or ProductHunt. Aidas Bendoraitis, what is the go-to-platform for Luc?

writen by Luise Haack

Luc If you register at, you can download two concise productivity guides for free there (search for a small “Gifts” icon in the toolbar). There are lots of valuable productivity tips.

I also <|sell those guides on Gumroad>, but they are more like lead magnets rather than products to buy.

In addition, you can try out the 1st things 1st prioritizer. 1 project is for free.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

I would suggest to look at it from a different perspective, and don’t look at the whole mountain you need to climb.

Divide all the things into small pieces and focus on a single task at a time.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

I don’t know what you are trying to do right now. Are you trying to learn some new stuff, that you are finding difficult? Or finding time to build stuff seems challenge for you?

writen by Kazi Rabbany

For me it’s routines and tiny steps each day

writen by Maxwell Davis

Thank you all for your answers !

writen by Luc

I’m just starting the journey of learning to write content online, I don’t really know where I’m going for now business-wise, but I found out I really love writing and I’d like to make a living out of it

writen by Luc

My personal tips would be those: • Build a habit to work on your projects every day at least for 1 hour per day including weekends. • If you can, choose to work on your personal project when you are the most productive. For many it’s somewhen in the morning. For some it’s in the evening or at night. • Work in time blocks: set specific intervals of times for certain types of tasks, so that you don’t switch context too rapidly and can concentrate on each block. • Make some breaks between time blocks. • If you live in a city, do some writing from cafes. They give some totally different perspective and you won’t get stuck with your thoughts.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Luc what are the things that you feel like challenges?

writen by Kazi Rabbany

Thank you Aidas Bendoraitis!

writen by Luc

Kazi Rabbany Hem … Everything ? Haha jokes aside, my main struggle right now is building a sustainable working habit, to stay productive at my day job but also make progress on my personal project and also on everything involving family. Sometimes I’m doing great, and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning

writen by Luc

Any progress is always better than no progress. And there is no problem in taking breaks in a habit for a day or two.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Thank you for those very specific guidelines. Very appreciated

writen by Luc

Luc follow everything Aidas said.

For me staying focus is a problem too. I started to use pomodoro timer for that and it’s working great.

I use this site for pomodor timer. It’s awesome.

writen by Kazi Rabbany

Thanks !

writen by Luc

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