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So, what’s your opinions/experience of Discord?

Hi everyone, I have a question for you:

I have a small Youtube channel with 2K subscribers and I’ve been trying to offer them an online get-together place as per their request. I started paid group calls and they’re enjoying it but it started to become ineffective as it’s only once a month for 1 hour and not everyone is able to pitch in in that limited time.

I thought of creating a Slack workspace and running 5-6 channels within it but Slack is too expensive because they’re charging per user. I’m thinking of charging C$15 or 20 and Slack is already 12 bucks (canadian) per user. Slack’s free version has 90 days of message archive thus not preferable.

and/or would you have any recommendations for an affordable Slack alternative? I’ve checked online but nothing really stood out other than Slack/Discord

author Asli Kahraman

7 Answers

Have you looked at mighty networks?

writen by James Trimble

No, hadn’t even heard before, I’ll check now

writen by Asli Kahraman

There’s mightynetworks as James mentioned, there’s also

How about a private FB group?

writen by Andre Flores

Is you audience on a specific platform? What sort of age group?

writen by Maxwell Davis

Have you looked at

writen by Benedikt

hi Andre Flores, it’s nice to see you here I don’t use FB.. and tbh I don’t like the structure of FB groups. I’ve checked but it didn’t seem to me that it’s chat-based, seems more like post-based. thanks for the recs tho!

<@U02LGVB7YEA> - on Youtube. good question, seems mostly 25 to 45 y/olds.

<@U02NH9BN5FY> - discourse seems nice, I’ve signed up for their free trial to check inside, thanks for the rec!

writen by Asli Kahraman

For chat based you’ll find the highest interaction with WhatsApp. For more moderation tools and user management Discord.

writen by Maxwell Davis

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