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How do you manage all your thoughts and ideas? [SOLVED]

I have multiple apple notes, emails, notion, etc. I have too many ideas or thoughts. It roughly works but I need to spend more time managing it or something because it is a mess

author WBE User

5 Answers

Have you heard of the PARA method by Tiago Forte? I find it pretty useful.

writen by Andrey Seas

Looking at it now. Do you use this and does it work?

writen by WBE User

I use PARA too! It’s really useful. I’ve to admit I’ve let things get a bit disorganised. I mainly use notion, but for quick notes I use keep and whatsapp.

You can checkout a video of Thomas Frank on his 2nd brain system. I’ve took some parts of it that I thought would be useful and implemented it in my notion db.

writen by Suvojit Manna

Yeah I use it. The thing about it is that there is a lot of ways to implement it depending on what specific tools you use, but once you understand the general concepts, it’s useful.

So if you like Notion, for example, you can youtube ‘PARA for Notion’ or ‘PARA for Evernote’ etc.

writen by Andrey Seas

I’m still with local folders + text/md files with a preset structure including all of this 😊 I always wanted to move this online. But so far I didn’t find a solution that made me move it all.

writen by Benedikt

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