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• Does ChatGPT use the Davinci open AI model for text completion or something else?

I am considering implementing an AI solution for <|1st things 1st>, and have some questions about Open AI:

• Can I assume that the same query I use for ChatGPT will produce analogous results with Open AI API?

• Or will there be another ChatGPT API in the future?

author Aidas Bendoraitis

3 Answers

Why not ask these questions to ChatGPT?

writen by Philip

From what I understood ChatGPT is more like GPT 3.5 so it’s a new model based on similar tech

writen by Benedikt

This is the information I got from ChatGPT:

Davinci is another model that OpenAI developed, it is a more advanced model than GPT-3 and has the ability to perform complex reasoning and answer questions that require knowledge from multiple sources.

You can use the OpenAI API to access GPT-3 and generate text, but the API is not the same as the one used for ChatGPT. The OpenAI API allows you to fine-tune the model for specific tasks, whereas ChatGPT is pre-trained and ready to use.
There is no ChatGPT API currently, but OpenAI may release one in the future.```

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

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