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As small business owners, what do you think they’d want to learn about?

I’m building a program of 10 talks targeted at small businesses that have just received a $75k grant from the air force. Or what should they know? Keep in mind many of these businesses got the grants based on a proposed idea, so they don’t have a built product yet. They are very early stage.

author James Trimble

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I would definitely recommend to listen the ycombinator startup school podcast. They cover a lot of concepts for beginners. If their plan is to take a more bootstrapped approach then I would teach them about the audience first approach. Speak more about finding their audience and talking with the clients before even starting to build the MVP. Have a look into the steps of my bootstrappers guide, it can be helpful

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Thank you for the suggestions Tiago Ferreira

writen by James Trimble

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