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Marketing Bootstrapping

Anyone interested in participating?

I’m looking to create a solid detailed case study for my content marketing as a service.

My audience is tech companies.

Looking for 1-2 AI/SaaS startups.

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WBE Member Happy to talk if that helps. Early stage SaaS startup - no customers yet and prototype product. Currently speaking to potential customers to validate opportunity and find first customers. Let me know if that fits what you are looking for.

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WBE Member happy to hop on a call and see if we can find synergy

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WBE Member Where are you based - the calendar is only offering times between midnight and 4:00 am? I am in the UK. I am happy to talk - but not that keen!

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I’m based in Canada. Feel free to send over your calendar instead WBE Member

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What exactly does this entail? You offering free work in exchange for being a case study?

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