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I’m trying to create a text-based logo for my business|, but I have no idea how to make the text and logo look right together.

author Wilson Wilson

4 Answers

The first one looks better, but you could make text and image to be the same height. The image looks a bit too big/misaligned. In the second image gap is too big.

writen by Justyna Ilczuk

Indeed. Same size and maybe same color. Make it a combination

writen by Ruben

The font looks more crisp in the 2nd one, but first one’s spacing is better

Tryout tailor brands, they wont give you the high res logo, but you can download the low res one and recreate in illustrator

writen by Suvojit Manna

João Amaro is a great designer and has supported others in this community on the matter (we had a pay-as-you-like workshop before)

writen by Luise Haack

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