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Anybody worked with it?

I was looking for some very simple cloud-hosted serverless DB to be able to create MVPs quickly and stumbled across

author Kirill Rogovoy

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Didn’t know it. Interesting

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Oh, didn’t know about Neon, cool!

My problem with ‘Cloud Postgres’ is that it’s almost always way cheaper to just rent an RDS and upgrade it when you need to.

That is, when you do have enough stuff going on to exceed the ‘Cloud Postgres’ free tiers.

The free-tier RDS still gives you quite a lot and doesn’t put a limit to how many requests you can run.

But when prototyping and MVPing, I tend to look for something even simpler, such as a key-value store. I do have an implementation of a key-value store that I like to use in Postgres, but something I don’t even want to setup Postgres. 😊

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

Either way, because I discovered Upstash only now and could not find anybody who used it, I still roll with Postgres with just one table for key-value entries.

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

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