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Any suggestions how to monetise it?

Looking for advice.

I have a website/|calculator, that has relatively lots of traffic. As well, 4-5 position in google for dutch tax calculators

It is not monetised

Maybe somebody has similar one page app/calculator they monetised?

I’ve reached out to few consultancies is the niche, was planning to put a button ‘Tax Advice for expats’

No feedback yet. Any other suggestions, without messing up the interface with weird adds?

author Vlad

7 Answers

Traffic and positioning looks quite good. My approach for sth. like a calculator would be to find a feature on top that makes life easier or earns money for the user. I know that at least here in Germany exist at minimum 3 different widely used gross/net calculators that are free.

So either you add something providing more value (i.e. a document explaining how to save tax (legally of course) and what to do for it, including the personal calculation).

Or, you add ads or affiliate links to tax software/app providers and similar products.

writen by Benedikt

Thanks for feedback! Benedikt calculator itself is a ‘value’, as gives people a ‘number’ and net salary. But, that straight away solves part of the problem they have. Hence, they of course leave quick

‘affiliate links to tax software/app providers and similar products’ - I guess, I need to try selling better And reach out to more agencies

writen by Vlad

I think the affiliate route is the best option - you could create a page with 10 other resources that’ll help you with you tax….and then have the affiliate links.

Personal tax software Small business tax tools Insurance deals Things around personal finance

writen by Maxwell Davis

Im with Maxwell Davis. Accountants are hard to find. Like handy man. Feature some accountants from time to time. Whoever looks for tax information is looking for an accountant (personal experience). You could also offer a free calculator for people who are employed (who calculate their salary once every year) , and a subscription for freelancers, who have to continuously calculate income many times across the year

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

Of course it has value itself Vlad. It might just not be enough for people to pay for if there are free alternatives. Have you tried letting people pay for it (you could do a split test here)?

writen by Benedikt

Benedikt yes, there are couple free alternatives in top 10

Hence, this is not a unique functionality

writen by Vlad

Indeed, that’s what I meant. The same here in Germany. Therefore you might need another way to get paid or maybe target the freelancers as Bartolomeu Rodrigues suggested

writen by Benedikt

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