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Is there anything that I can add to this example file (ie it’s link, as I can’t change any code) to trigger a browser to download the file instead of just open it?

Ok dumb Question.

author Maxwell Davis

6 Answers

Found <|this >that might help - but you’d have to change the <a> tag - dont think theres a way to force a plain URL to download

writen by Aseem

Hmm ok - didn’t think it would be possible to do without code

writen by Maxwell Davis

Thanks for the link tho

writen by Maxwell Davis

If youre up for it, you could generate a link to your own app with a ‘Download’ button (with the custom a tag) - but that’d involve code ofc

writen by Aseem

I’m using a nocode tool which on the free plan doesn’t allow any custom code

This is only a side project for marketing purposes, so the users will just have to slum it out and ‘save as’ lol

writen by Maxwell Davis

Hahah yeah fair enough

writen by Aseem

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