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Out of curiosity from fellow builders, how have YOU validated your product and/or business? [SOLVED]

author Lucas Hazan

3 Answers

  1. I asked people to used it and they used it
  2. Then I asked people to pay and they paid
  3. Done! 😊

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

Mostly what Kirill Rogovoy said There are multiple stages of validation:

1- Is there a problem to solve? You can answer this with user research. Asking people if it is a problem and if so how are they solving it at the moment

2- Is my product solving the product? As Kiril said. The best way to validade this is to see if people are actually using the product. Is not enough to sign up or visit the website. They need to actually use it. Retention must be high.

3- Are enough people willing to pay for it? One would think that if 1 and 2 are validated then people would be willing to pay for it but that is often not true. Maybe the pain that your product is solving is not big enough to justify a money commitment. Or maybe people are not willing to pay for that kind of product (for example people are more willing to pay for a SaaS than for a logo).

And even if some are willing to pay it might not be enough for you to pay the bills.

In the end you just need to have a good conversion rate

writen by Tiago Ferreira

The main point here is that, when you have early users, you should listen to every inch of their feedback about their experience, but never believe them when they say things like ‘I’ll use it’, ‘people need this a lot!’ etc.

All those complements are truly motivating but have next to zero validation value. Only retention and payments do.

I’m in this situation right now where we have a few early users and they tell us how innovating the product is and how we will capture the market, but I think it’s all bullshit, because I can’t make them return again and again to use it.

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

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