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  1. creating a script and selling it (via gumroad?

So I recently wrote a script for making your website(s) more GDPR compliant.

It has the following features:

• scanning files in a folder (can be configured) (right now PHP, JS, CSS, can be configured, though) to find (static) usage of Google Fonts

• downloading those fonts (the CSS as well as the font files itself) to a local folder (can be specified)

• backing up the files where the usage was found

• replacing the code occurrence with the target of the downloaded files in the files where usage was found

• giving some stats about how many (and names) files and fonts were found

Right now I’m thinking about the following options:


  1. also creating a WordPress Plugin (and selling it)

  2. making it Open Source and talking about it

What do you think?

author Benedikt

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Open Sourcing a WordPress plugin that delivers value is a good way of building an audience and then building more stuff on top and selling that works well.

writen by WBE User

Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. On the other hand most of my latest projects ended up being Open Source so it might be time trying to sell something

writen by Benedikt

I think that would really work out especially in privacy friendly subreddits /hackernews

writen by Goutham J

Selling it on gumroad or ko-fi would be pretty straightforward. You could add a little promo video (maybe with loom) to show how it works. The barrier to entry is also pretty low because not everyone has a wordpress page. If you find that there’s demand you can always wrap it up as a plugin for different CMSs later.

writen by Matthias Endler

Great job BTW. Sounds like a nice idea.

writen by Matthias Endler

Thx <@U03CQE0SPFB>, Goutham J and Matthias Endler. Guess I still have to figure out where to market this. But selling the script at gumroad for follow-ups like the plugin should be quite a good validation.

writen by Benedikt

The market is probably here: 12,650 readers

writen by Matthias Endler

Guess it’s a great opportunity to get over my fear of reddit then (or get even more frightened )

writen by Benedikt

Honestly, I would target a friendlier mob. Privacy nuts on reddit aren’t the sort who will be that keen on any sort of self promotion. WordPress user groups, forums and chats would be a better way.

writen by WBE User

You’re probably right Iain

writen by Benedikt

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