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Someone on X got a message with $0.01 on PayPal and said it was creepy. What do you think?|

author James Trimble

7 Answers

We use 0.01 ct bank transfers to communicate with our dive club members if we can’t reach them via email, but they know the sender…

writen by Luise Haack

i think this is a clever idea april dunford talks on her podcast about sending faxes as a form of reaching people- this feels like another form of that

writen by Matt Gale

well, it’s spammy but probably works XD

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Yeah, I thought it was creative. I don’t know what’s creepy about it. Maybe spammy, yeah, but it’s just sending a penny to your email. It’s not like waiting in the bushes outside your house

writen by James Trimble

i will say- if you’re doing this, drop the pretence of “finding them on linkedin” and make your pitch

writen by Matt Gale

Very creative. But creepy as well imho

writen by Benedikt

Finally! Someone paying for our attention instead of selling our attention to advertisers. I welcome the change!

writen by Marc LG

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