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Do you write your own for these pages, or are templates generally available ?

Stripe requires all this information.

author Suvojit Manna

6 Answers

In my case I put a non-existing page of my domain and later on I will create them.

writen by Pere Ayats

But there are many templates online that serve the purpose

writen by Pere Ayats

I used templates from legal doc sites cost about $100 for all them

writen by WBE User

I don’t remember setting any of that up… maybe I’m doing something wrong

writen by Justyna Ilczuk

Thanks Pere Ayats just did the same.

Oh cool <@U03CQE0SPFB> I’ll look if I find any templates

<@U031BTQHYLQ> did you set it up as personal service or business. I may have set it up as business 🤔 Moreover the laws maybe have different requirements.

writen by Suvojit Manna

I don’t have any official business set up, so that’s probably it

writen by Justyna Ilczuk

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