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To all the athletes, runners Piotr Bryla Pere Ayats Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter) and people with external activities - how do you manage your time?

I’m in the peak weeks of training for my Ironman, with a full time job, girlfriend, and working on a side project - progress has definitely slowed down a little for my project due to mental exhaustion.

Curious during times of constraint, how you’ve found ways to have lazer focus on multiple things at the same time?

Im in the last 5 weeks so the end is near!

author Lucas Hazan

7 Answers

I cannot keep working on my project since I started my full-time job. I try to be very specific with tasks to do rather than time. I found that I get stuff done when I work on my side project in the morning, before 9-5 job.

writen by Piotr Bryla

In my case I prioritise things depending on the season. When I’m trying to reach physical goal, working out goes before side project. Loved ones and fulltime job are always a priority and I juggle between working out and side projects

writen by Pere Ayats

I wish there was a magic potion but there isn’t. We all have 24h per day and we have to de prioritize some things to get time for others…

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Appreciate the perspective guys

writen by Lucas Hazan

very challenging question Lucas. I noticed that having a kind of daily routine helps me a lot in being consistent.

i.e. before 9AM I work on my side projects / Twitter. 12:30 AM I go running after lunch, I practice French with Duolingo after dinner I spend time with my girlfriend (I usually don’t work during the night)

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

BTW, I’m lucky because I work from home, and at the moment I don’t have a lot of pressure from my fulltime job, so I’m quite flexible.

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

Right - I think i gotta prioritize training for the next 4.5 weeks until I’m done. I’m making an effort to get at least 30 mins a day in for my side project. We got this. Hard times make for easy times in the future.

writen by Lucas Hazan

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