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  1. Is that sth. you would possibly pay for or know people who would?

We had this topic a while ago, but I come across it from time to time:

As some of you know I’m very much interested in Authentication, Password security and related topics. I already created <|those infographics> about it.

Now, what I was thinking about: Creating an info product about Authentication processes, best ways of handling passwords and how to get to better password security. Ups and downs of password and passwordless authentication, 2fa, hashing, and so on. Including an explanation of different types of password managers and a list of some of the most popular ones. Basically a more extended and in-depth version of the infographics.

My questions to you now:

  1. Is this sth. I should pause my current project (writing an MVP for| Thinking about this question more I’d say no since it would probably take a similar amount of time writing this info product as finishing the MVP. 😊

author Benedikt

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Personally, I have enough knowledge about security, because I was interested in it, so I wouldn’t buy the info product, but for new developers it might be useful.

There are two small mistakes in the <https • You say “Do not restrict password length” in one tip, and then in another you suggest to restrict the minimal length to 8-12 characters. • “Repition” ➔ “Repetition”

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

By the way, it might be that solves most of those security problems with authentication.

writen by Aidas Bendoraitis

Yeah, auth0 solve quite a lot of the issues. Thx for the typo will fix that. Regarding the password length restriction: seems not to be obvious but what I meant was: do not restrict the max length. Having a min length unfortunately is necessary which is meant by the 8-12 chars min length. I will change the restriction part to add a ‘max’ there.

writen by Benedikt

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