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What’s the best place to build a landing page for a Substack newsletter?

author Maimoona (Mei)

4 Answers

Pere Ayats is building a tool for that right? Otherwise maybe carrd?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Actually I will announce soon that I’m putting it on standby

writen by Pere Ayats

In that case maybe this one can help:

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Hey Maimoona (Mei) the landing page tools I’ve seen but not tried are all the sponsored links on Google (leadpages et al). I experienced a company that used one with Calendly to ok effect but there was nothing unique about it. In my recent experience I have had 3, maybe 4, landing pages designed in the last few months and (IMHO) they’ve all been pretty good, I use <|this guy> on Fiverr You still need to build the website to match his designs (I use Squarespace normally) but I usually give him a plain text brief of what I want, and he converts that in to a design (e.g.|1,|2,|3) that I then build on SS. If you need help with the build bit hit me up in DMs or this thread and I can give more details _* lol, this all goes with the caveat that it might be overkill for a substack newsletter but at any rate it’s my current formula for landing/lead pages_

writen by Owen

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