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What would be the best length for the trial period of my SaaS?

7 days? 14 days?

Is there any public data on this?

author Matthias Bohlen

7 Answers

I don’t have any data on this but I have always found that anything less then 14 days is just too short. If your support process has a long turn around 7 days may not even be enough time for the user to get the support they need to be able to even try out the product. Absolute minimum for anything consumer facing should contain 2 weekends in my opinion. [Again this is just opinion based on my experiences as a user, not marketing wisdom.]

writen by Justin Allen

It depends a little on your product and how long it takes people to try all of your features.

We wrote about it a bit here

writen by Stephen N

This is a great question… I have no idea. Julien Nahum or Marc LG have you tried out multiple lengths? What worked best?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Would a client have results in 7 days?

writen by LaLa Artica

That is a good question, LaLa Artica ! I think for my SaaS, it’s better to give 14 days so that people get results.

writen by Matthias Bohlen

I offer a free 3-day trial with NotionForms. No scientific reasoning behind this haha, I just felt like this was enough to evaluate the product. Sometimes people ask me for longer trial (~2 weeks), and I always accept

writen by Julien Nahum

I offer no time based trial but have a free tier based on usage so when you’re getting started at small scale it’s free of charge but if you start big from Day 1 you pay

writen by Cristian Magherusan-Stanciu

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