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Can you point me towards a cool JS framework that is lighter than react but heavier than vanilla javascript?
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Where do you deploy your backend apps?
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Someone using Redis as main DB?
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When you create bots (twitter bots, Slack bots, etc) from where do you run them?
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What do people recommend for privacy policy + cookie banner?
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Does someone know a webservice which lets me connect an API and provides signups, billing, and user handling out of the box?
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How would I go about testing the set up?
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What do you think?
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Is it something interesting to you guys?
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What is the best way to identify unique website users (without accounts) to make something similar like from Marc Lou ?
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do you know good alternatives (besides paying)?
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Is tailwind free or not?
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Does anyone know of a good opensource or oem accounting package or module that can easily be extended or integrated into an application?
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Does anybody here know a good & easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor package for React?
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What do you use?
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Hey, what is your experience with firebase?
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How do I build share buttons that automatically fills up content ?
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How do you guys do something like that?
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Anyone used Gatsby with Netlify or Vercel ?
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Any tips on how to properly render heavy and long lists in React?
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Hey. Do you know some good looking developer blogs?
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Anyone has experience with Azure App Service?
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Has anyone experience in creating an affiliate program for your SaaS?
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Anyone know how to correctly fetch few or better all replies to certain tweet with Twitter API?
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Does anyone have experience with the serverless framework in combination with api gateway?
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Do you know some of them and have experience?