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How could I find out?
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When you create bots (twitter bots, Slack bots, etc) from where do you run them?
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What do you think?
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How do you get a broader reach?
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What would be a good way to share it?
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Hi. Do you know some app, which uses AI to generate tweet ideas, thread hooks, etc.?
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Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter) and everyone else using Hivoe: what’s your typical response rate for the welcome message?
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Is there any service or way to automatically find out whether the user (email ID) has done the sharing yet?
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SaaS developers, if you notice that there is a bug that has affected several users, how do you deal with information about the fix?
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Do you think I should create a twitter account for the wbe space?
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Do you ask customers to follow you on your personal Twitter?
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Anyone know how to correctly fetch few or better all replies to certain tweet with Twitter API?
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Which format do you usually prefer?
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Who are the people in the SaaS space that you enjoy following?