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Our slack group is the center of the WBE Space! 🎯

We are always trying out new ideas and therefore it might be a bit overwhelming for new members to grasp what is going on.

But not to worry because everything will be explained bellow ⬇️

Here are the most used slack channels

#introductions 👋

This is where it all starts. Wbe newbies start their journey introducing themselves here and they will be greeted by their new peers.

#what-I-am-doing-today 🛠️

Members use it in a daily basis to share what they are up to. By sharing that with the wbe family they not only keep themselves accountable but also might get helpful tips from the others.

I personally love to read through it every day 🤩

In this channel we have a bot that keeps count of your messages streak. You can deactivate it by running /wbe streak off and you can access your last messages by running /wbe streak 5

#victories-and-frustrations ❤️

This is a safe place to share your wins and (maybe most importantly) your losses. WBE members always find here the support and motivation they need in the low moments.

#feedback ✍️

Do you have a new idea for a product? Did you launch a new landing page? This is the channel where you will get relevant feedback for all of your ideas and projects.

#build-in-public 📣

In this channel the WBE bootstrappers share what they are up to, as it is happening!

#today-I-learned 👨‍🏫

This is the place for you to share what you have learned recently and get some external opinions from our members.

Sharing is caring!

#looking-for-advice 👀

As the name days this is the channel for you to get some external opinions about a question or challenge you might have.

And these are all the most used channels of our slack.

If you have any further question feel free to ask me (Tiago) or any of the more active members.

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