Accelerator 🚀

In the WBE Accelerator you, together with other 4 bootstrappers, will work on your own projects in a 10 week mastermind group with weekly catch-up meetings that culminates in a demo day (potential with external entrepreneurs) where you present your achievements.

Accelerator Step by Step

Step 1- Join the Channel

Start by joining the #wbe-accelerator channel once we are ready to start a new batch there will be a message in the channel asking for you to sign up.

Step 2- Get to Know Your Group

Once we have enough people interested we will form a group on slack. Each group will have 5 elements from compatible timezones and backgrounds.

Get to know the members of your group (check their WBE Page).

Step 3- Get Ready to Start

Before you start there are a couple of things you must do as a group:

1- Create shared google docs that you will use to document your journey

2- Each member should write down what they will be working on and what are their goals

2- The group should define who will moderate each meeting

Step 4- Meetings

Each group will meet in a weekly basis. The meeting should not last more than one hour and each member will have 12 minutes to present their achievements and learnings of the week and to get feedback from their peers.

In total there will be 10 meetings which means that each group member will organize and mediate 2 meetings during the program.

Step 5- Demo Day

All group members of the batch will present their achievements in a virtual event that will be open to all the WBE Space members and special external guests.