November 30, 2021

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Buy Me A Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee


Author(s): Tiago


Buy Me A Coffee is a platform that allows your community to send you money for your work.
It is a very simple to use and flexible platform that allows you to set up multiple payment models:

  • One time coffees (as much as they like and you can define the price of one coffee)
  • Become subscribers and pay you monthly
  • Set up multiple levels of rewards depending on if they are one time supporters and members and how much they are paying
  • It’s very simple to cancel a subscription or return the money to the users
  • Accepts Paypal and strype
  • As multiple integrations, like Zapier and Discord.

My Personal Setup

One Time Coffees: One time coffee users will have access to the posts I write on the buy me a coffee platform

Monthly Subscriptions: Users have access to the WBE Space


  • For every new member I send them an email (using Zapier) welcoming them and sending them the slack invite code