November 30, 2021

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Contapp (iOS & Android)

Contapp (iOS & Android)


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About Contapp

We’re on a journey to build a streamlined solution to the way business professionals organise and use business cards in today’s digital world, compared to conventional printed methods. 

Built for business - Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing, using and sharing business card data, whilst reducing paper waste globally. 

Our unique business tool works as a digital business card, business card scanner and business card manager - all in one user-friendly mobile app.

It’s everything you wished your business card could do.

Benefits vs Printed Business Cards

  • Cost-effective - Free plan & premium plans from just £1.33 per month, per user. No print costs, no design fees. Simple.
    • It would be interesting to find out how much RSA spends on business cards per year?
  • Eco-friendly - A big part of business is to become more sustainable. Zero waste, paperless solution to business cards. No need to throw away business cards when details change (e.g. job title).
    • 7.2 million trees are destroyed every year for business cards alone
    • 10 billion business cards are printed every year, 88% are thrown away within a week of receiving them
  • Convenience - Cloud backup allows you to carry your entire business card collection with 24/7 access. Share your business card with anyone in the world (face-to-face or virtually), saved directly to their smartphone.
  • Streamlined - Contact people directly from the app, plus being able to import/export contacts as a CSV file for marketing campaigns etc.
  • User-friendly - Lightweight app to digitally manage & search through your collection of printed business cards with ease. Intelligent search features make for the easiest solution to organise and store business card data for simple contact management.
  • Secure - GDPR compliant, secure cloud backup, biometric login and data saved in encrypted format.

Our Roadmap

Contapp’s vision for the future is clear. We have an exciting roadmap which includes powerful integrations with leading platforms such as CRM platforms, Zoom, Calendars, Google Suite and more. Helping users become more connected to the softwares they use daily, via Contapp. 

Full roadmap can be found here.

Download Contapp Now

You can find out more about Contapp on our website or download for free on the iOS & Android app stores.

If you’d like to try premium for free, contact our Founder on LinkedIn and Giuseppe will be happy to help.

Looking forward to having you part of our community!