December 3, 2021

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Hi guys, I am Esteban. I am working at trivago and on the side have a project to create your own image gallery out of an s3 bucket to try and remove your photos from Google.

Luise Haack  8:19 PM

Hi everyone, thank you for having me. Wolfy and I were classmates a long time ago (@Wolfy, I leave it up to you if you want to reveal how long ago …). My first episode of the Wannabe Entrepeneur was when @Tiago interviewed Wolfy on side-projects. I am not in IT (actually advising international students on their career orientation in Germany), but a great fan of side-projects and  curious to learn and exchange ideas. Also, the world needs to change and changeit can be a part of that.

Current side-projects: Podcast about life as an international in Passau, Germany; Chairwomen of the local dive club; Self-development as a leader in a changing world (#newwork, #virtualcollaboration, #workingoutloud)


Twitter: @luiseunderwater

Tiago  10:17 PM

Hi everyone. I think that I should also introduce myself :smile:. My name is TIago Ferreira, I am a software developer and a Wannabe Entrepreneur. All my life I have been building my own side projects and 3 months ago I decided to quit my job a focus 100% in my projects. So far I am working on a climate change app called Changeit ( and in the podcast Wannabe Entrepreneur. I am super excited to be part of this community


Iris Skrami  7:23 AM

Hi everyone! I’m Iris! After working in big corporates in my early career I found a problem in the market that hadn’t been solved! So I quit and founded Renoon - the Trivago of sustainable fashion that finally allows people to find brands and products that match their values. We recently raised our pre-seed round and launched the app (women only for now)

Wolfy  9:49 AM

an introduction …. hmmmm … I am Wolfgang and I have no clue why I am here and btw, who is this @Tiago guy? ok, just kidding, I have already heard about Tiago, he is a famous and successful entrepreneur who had interviewed people before they became rich and famous, right? I think I know him from my time in trivago…

João Amaro  8:04 PM

Hey everyone! I’m the guy from the podcasts #31 and #47. I’ve been following Tiago’s podcast and enjoying knowing about all your projects! I’m an architect (landscape architect) although what i really like to do is to design products, build brands and create communities. Lately i’ve been working as graphic design freelancer, mostly in the wine industry, where i do branding and label and packaging design for wines. If you feel like you need a reliable designer with expertise in branding in your life, let me know! :D

Michael Gardner  9:32 AM

Hey ho! I’m Michael from the podcast episode #82 - Anjali and me are travelling through Europe in our self-converted van and working on some different projects (like youtube, instagram, crypto trading bot development, …).Before all of that, I was working as a frontend software engineer at trivago… so if anyone needs help with web development, here I’m.  Looking forward to connect with you guys!

Anjali Thakur  9:37 AM

Heyyy everyone!! I am Anjali.  Michael already introduced our on going projects!
Prior to this adventure, I was working as Product Manager at trivago.
Soooo happy to be part of this community! 

Cody Howell  6:41 PM

Hey Everyone! I’m from episode #75!I do order fulfillment in the US mostly for ecom brands but can be for anyone! Glad to be here and hope to connect with you all!

Michael  8:14 AM

Hi Everyone! I’m Michael. Firstly, I’d like to thank Tiago for creating this community of like-minded people.I’m an expat and travel blogger and also own a cannabis and CBD online shop.Like everyone here, I’m looking to live life on my own terms.

Chloe Smulian  12:33 PM

Hi Everyone! I’m Chloe - the other half of the Nomad And In Love Travel And Expat Blog crew. Worked 7 years in investment banking/asset management and started questioning the purpose of life. Left a life I wasn’t happy with to move aboard from South Africa to Germany. Now I run the blog with my hubs (Michael) as my full-time job and write about topics that I believe can change the world, one adventure at a time

Cristian Sandu  3:50 PM

Hello everyone! I’m Cristi, I have a small software agency based in Romania, and I probably wouldn’t be here if I didn’t bribe Tiago to invite me to his podcast. Just joking. I have always been super passionate about software and hardware so that’s why now I’m trying to help people build their products, and I’m also trying to quench my hardware thirst by finishing up my PhD about autonomous vehicles. I am also developing a food waste app with my team which I hope I can share with you in ~ 2 months! Very happy to be here, part of this community!

Giuseppe Milazzo  4:02 PM

Hello everyone, great to meet you all! :wave::skin-tone-3:
I’m Giuseppe Milazzo and i’m a Solopreneur and Founder of a new bootstrapped tech startup called Contapp (as you may have seen in a recent Wannabe Entrepreneur Podcast episode) :rocket:
Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing and using business card data, whilst reducing paper waste globally.  It works as a digital business card, business card scanner and business card manager. Our vision is to innovate business card data with powerful integrations and contribute to saving the planet :deciduous_tree::iphone:
Our streamlined business tool is free to download for iOS & Android:
Happy to invite you all to our Early Adopters Programme as well, just DM me and I can send the invite. Thanks again, Tiago :sunglasses:

Abhi  7:40 PM

hi all,
nice to meet you all :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:
For those who don;t know me here, short intro about me,
I’m a Software engineer, currently working in Klarna, Berlin.
Me and @Tiago worked together in trivago, we had a small casual chat about our work experience in startup

Eva Parth dos Santos  8:22 AM

Hi everyone, great to join this community. For those that don’t know me, I am an entrepreneur and have founded my second startup at the beginning of this year (, an organic clothing brand for girls that love science, astronauts and robots. Would be great to connect to many of you, especially those that are working in the fashion industry.

Miguel Alves Ribeiro  8:56 AM

Hello everyone, great to meet you all.
I am the Founder & CEO of that is a Discovery, Booking and Payments platform for well-being and Beauty, powered by a wallet based ecosystem to increase frequency and demand. This is my 3 startup, the first was sold to TripAdvisor 2013 and second I exited to launch SheerME in June 2020.
We have still just launched in Portugal, but looking into launching Spain and Brazil on the next 6/9 months.
Hope to get great feedback and suggestions from you all and if there is anything you need from my end, please do let me know. Cheers :clinking_glasses:

Mischa Helfenstein  3:37 PM

Hey everyone! I’m Mischa and I’m here because I accidentally ended up participating the Codeprints project while having the intention to learn something about small open-source project in my sparse free time! Which leaded in participating a podcast for the first time ever. From day to day I’m studying and working part time as a software engineer as working student. Thanks for having me!

Derrick Michaud  5:40 PM

Hello. I am the Founder/CEO of Shelby Row Productions, A full service Podcast Production Agency. I was a guest on @Tiago’s podcast Wannabee Entrepreneur. Thank you for the invite Tiago!

Steph  9:39 PM

Hi there, I’m Steph and I’m both a Product Manager and Designer. I’m currently working for ShareTheMeal – an app by the UN World Food Programme – but recently quit in order to be able to full-time switch to design. Happy to meet you all! 

Isaac Ng  1:54 PM

Hey everyone!Isaac here from Tinyask, an audio Q&A platform for career knowledge.Had a lot of fun a few weeks back on Tiago’s podcast interview. Looking forward to connecting with the wider community 

Dagobert Renouf  8:50 AM

Hey everyone, was invited by tiago after doing his podcast a couple of weeks ago
I’m building my startup with my wife for the past 3 years. It’s a way for entrepreneurs to automatically define their brand identity, and get designer logo proposals in 5 minutes. My wife designs the logos and I do everything else.
It’s been fun and lots of ups and downs. Happy to meet you all 

Aleksandra Smelianska  9:25 AM

Hey everyone, happy to meet you all!I’m Aleksandra, a product marketer and I work with early stage startups and projects on marketing, brand, user research, community building. I’m very passionate about all things building products and I also run a ProductTank (community for product managers) and Women in Tech community.It was a pleasure top be @Tiago’s podcast guest! If you want to chat about all things marketing or building products, would be happy to. 

Goutham J  2:32 PM
Hey guys! Happy to be a part of this community and kind of @Tiago to invite me :smiley: I’m currently building - a platform for SaaS founders & makers to build in public through timelines where other makers get to engage & test out their products.Love to learn more from this passionate community of entrepreneurs


Kavya  3:57 AM

Hey everyone :wave:
Thanks @Tiago for inviting me to this community. I’m quite excited to e-meet you all here!
I’m based in Singapore and currently working on:

  1. Building my product Resumey.Pro
  2. Building my portfolio as a freelance designer

Would be happy to connect with you all on Twitter as well. This is my profile.

Lee Ann  3:38 PM

Hey everyone :wave: I’m Lee Ann! Glad to be here and thanks to Tiago for putting this group together :)I’m a full-time 9-5 speech pathologist, mom to my 2 kids, and part-time wannabe entrepreneur building Cover Art Crowd, a cover art marketplace, in my spare time :sweat_smile: Previously, I founded PodSpout (another side project), a biolink page creator for podcasters but sold it to move on to new adventures. Before that, I primarily built and sold starter websites as a side hustle.Have a happy Sunday (and spooky Halloween :ghost:) everyone. Looking forward to learning from and growing with you all!Oh, and feel free to connect with me on Twitter @meetleeann 


Jeff Edmondson  8:42 PM

Hey everyone! I’m Jeff a current fullstack developer based in the US. I am currently trying to grow my blog and newsletter. ( I have built a couple of mobile apps int he past as well. Excited to be apart of this community!

Antimo Farid Mire  12:28 PM

IntroHello fellow coworkers, my name is Antimo, I live in Cambridge (UK) but I’m Italian originally. So, I’ve been a freelance designer forever and I’ve always thought design should be accessible to everyone, so last year, as a first step I wrote a free ebook that you can download from here: am super proud of the response the book received: I only posted on a few Reddits but I got almost 200 downloads over time (incredibly people are finding the old thread even today…). But the book had 2 problems: 1) I couldn’t talk about software because at the time, I only knew Adobe which is expensive and complex 2) I didn’t have a plan to offer services, so there was no real call-to-action at the end of the book except asking for a Goodreads review…Then, a few months ago I discovered and everything changed! I am now making a ton of content, beginning with a series of short videos for complete beginners, you can see the first one here: I also have paid courses on Figma but I joined this community to get feedback on those, so I will post on #looking-for-advice later today to see if anyone wants to try the course for free in exchange for feedback :)

Shulhi Sapli  3:18 AM

Hey everyone :wave:  I’m Shulhi and I was recently on the podcast talking about my experience working remotely for the past 6+ years.
I am a software engineer mostly writing Haskell and Rescript. At the same time I am working on my side hustle for the past 11 months.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning from each other experiences.

Maxwell Davis  2:55 PM

Well Hello Everyone - I’m MaxI’m an Entrepreneur at heart but in real life I’m still stuck in the Corporate world working as a Risk Manager at a large MNC.   I’ve run a few side businesses in the past with the most successful being a frequent flyer website which had around 40K visitors a month and got me to about half way to quitting my day job - I then had kids (5,3,1) and well the time constraints and cash requirements of having children meant I stayed glued to my desk!Then COVID-19 happened and I had a lot of free time on my hands so I started streaming on Twitch and found a niche for an app that I wanted to build.  Then earlier this year I found a co-founder and we’ve been working on it ever since.  As we get closer to our launch (which we hope is January) I’ve been keen to learn what I can from people that have launched as well.  I’ll share the landing page once it’s up!I’ve also found that because I’m not a developer and more of a marketer that there is quite a lot I can contribute to the community from my past experience so I’ve been doing that mostly on Product Hunt, but also Indie Hackers.  Feel free to connect via Twitter or LinkedIn or if you’re in Singapore we could meet up!

Sam Cox  10:35 AM

Hi Everyone! I’m Sam - Up until June 2021 I’ve worked as a Engineer in the Construction industry (specifically Mechanical and Electrical Services), and have always been a “tinkerer”.  After putting all my energy into working as part of a company, I’ve decided to do something for myself.I’ve started using the idea of “fix your own problem” - I’m a scout leader, and part of this is being first aid trained - however with formal training every 3 years, that’s a long time to forget information! To make sure I have the confidence/knowledge to act when required, I have built - it is a database of multiple choice first aid questions where a short question is emailed to you every day to keep the information in your mind.  After answering the question, you then are shown an in depth explanation of the topic if you would like to read more about it - as well as being able to flick through other questions if they would like to continue to learn (the system only shows you questions you personally have never seen before).The service is currently a paid service - but I am soon changing it to be 100% free (as people have said they would benefit from it, but aren’t motivated enough to pay for it).  If you would like to sign up in the meantime, you can use the 100% discount code “WannabeEntrepreneur” to bypass the payment system.I’m currently transforming the backbone of StayReady to be used by third parties, into “FloTrain” - where any Team Leader, Training Manager, Teacher, content distributor etc will input their own information into the system to provide the same service to their team/customers with their own branding on the site/email.I’m learning about sales, marketing and coding as I go along so am looking forward to sharing learnings and learning from you all too!I’m using email distribution direct through SMTP (although at small scale so far), Heroku, Python, PostgreSQL, Stripe payments etc so if anyone has any questions or would like to share their lessons learned I’d love to chat!Looking forward to meeting you all,

Twitter: @iam_samcox




Philip  4:00 PM

Hi all,
I’ve been working on side businesses since my teens. The last side-business has actually been quite successful, but not successful enough to live from it full-time. I’ve finally decided this year that I’m going to shut it down (I’ll keep it running for existing users for a while, but no longer allow new signups). Maybe I can go more into my reasoning for this another time, but one reason is to free up time for new projects. I plan to start a new project every year or two. My mistake with Learnclick was that I stuck at it too long, always hoping it would become more successful. Instead I want to experiment more. So this year I started a language learning game, It’s not finished (it doesn’t even have all pictures yet), but already kind of works and I hope to launch version 1 in a few weeks. It will be free in it’s basic version, but I plan to monetize it with ads and in-app purchases later. I work as a software developer, currently backend but beginning of December I’ll be changing jobs and work Fullstack again (for a startup). Side-businesses are mainly a hobby as I get to implement my own ideas. It also allows me to try out and learn various technologies. Besides that, I enjoy experimenting with marketing, etc.

Sahil  10:33 PM

Hello Everyone - I’m SahilI quit my job recently to focus on my mental health and trying to become an indie maker. I have worked with multiple startups & Fortune 500 and built multiple products.I am glad to have found this community. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter

Meri  1:20 PM

Hi everyone! I’m Meri :slightly_smiling_face:I’m the founder of as well as an aspiring no-code maker. I’m a specialist in branding, marketing and leadership for small businesses looking to grow.Very much looking forward to meeting you and super excited to be part of the community here!

Alessandra Scicchitano  10:57 AM

Hellooooo!!!I’m Alessandra. I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be part of this lovely community. Thank you @Tiago for this opportunity.Let me introduce myself. I do a bunch of things :joy: If you’ve listened to one of the latest wbe podcasts, you know more or less :grinning:In short, I’m a product strategist for the tech vertical. I’ve been in tech most of my life going from researcher, to developer, to project and product manager and a bunch of other positions and experiences. A few years ago I started my own journey doing what I like the most, which is a combination of tech and psychology (my other big passion) that leads me to product strategy, teaching in a university in Switzerland where I’m based and being a mentor and advisor for startups.I also write a newsletter called TILT (the reason why I’m here :blush:), the name stands for Tech In the Loop. I never really had the intention of having a serious newsletter but for a number of coincidences I now do! TILT is about human centricity and product strategy and within TILT I run a column called the Archaeology of 0 to 1 where I breakdown the first years of successful products (the last one was Slack). It’s something I love doing. I get lost in the internet for hours and hours researching to discover what they did that helped them emerge when nobody knew who they were.So I now have my little product and I go through the crazy ups and downs of growing it and dealing with good and bad. Amazing how difficult it becomes to apply all these very good tips and suggestions, when it is about your own baby :joy: So I have an internal conflict that goes on and on :upside_down_face:I’m happy to connect with all of you on Twitter: and Linkedin: and let me know if you are interested in subscribing to the newsletter. Would be happy to share the link.

Shashank Pandey  9:16 PM

Hellllooo! I’m Shashank I got to know about @Tiago through the through @Luise Haack linkedin page! (BTW the podcast she shared was  Start-ups in India vs Germany). I remember Ms. Haack mentioning so much about the community that finally decided to become part of it!  :blush:A little bit about myself, I am recent master graduate of computer science and working as a consultant with a company in here in Germany. Probably some of you could tell from my name I am from India and studies my bachelors there.
Regarding my skills I have worked in startup and in big tech and help them create or enhance their web and/or mobile applications.
I have academic experience in ML because I chose to follow that path eventually and I am happy to share have successfully defended my master thesis which was also in ML :slightly_smiling_face:I have started photography again in my free time and really like to enjoy sharing idea and working on side-projects!
Timing to join the community is just right for me, as I am transitioning form student life to work life I feel that university blanket to share and explore idea will be left behind and I look for that space here in this community! Thank you again Ms. Haack for sharing about the community!Looking forward to connecting with you all! 

Flávio Regis Arruda
  11:10 PM

Hi everyone :wave:, my name is Flavio and I’m from Brazil :flag-br:
I have a computer science background and currently I’m working as a Data Engineer, raising two wonderful twin boys and trying to be a good partner in life for my wonderful wife while looking for a product-market fit for all these ideas I can’t stop having :wink:.
I got to know @Tiago  through Arvid Kahl twitter + podcast episode and here I am, looking forward to connect with you all and hopefully share my journey to find how to best serve the communities I am embedded. Thank you @Tiago for this opportunity.

Benedikt Grande  11:31 AM

Hi there!
Thank you @Tiago for the opportunity!I’m Benedikt, from Germany, now living in the Rheingau.
As a Software Developer and (Wannabe) Entrepreneur I want to implement and test ideas solving my or other people’s problems. Until this year I haven’t shared much of my side-project work and want to change it now. You can find a list of side-projects at
Also, I have a main job at trivago and a small freelancing agency with some customers.While having two lively boys and a wonderful wife who are my main focus I spent my free time learning new things, creating websites, apps and blog articles. And for a while now getting to know parts of the bootstrapping and buildinpublic community.Almost forgot: I’m a working remotely advocate supporting the remote-first principle wherever possible.


Lucie Baratte  10:19 AM

Hi everyone! 
I’m glad to meet you here! Thank you again to @Tiago for inviting me. :slightly_smiling_face: I was talking with him last week in the podcast about art, logo design and the journey of cofounding Logology with my husband @Dagobert Renouf.
I’m French :flag-cp: and I live in Lille. :beers:
I’m a graphic and type designer. I’ve worked as a freelancer for more than 10 years, until I dedicated my time to build with Dagobert. :heart: You might already know but, otherwise, Logology is an online solution for entrepreneurs to define their brand identity and get designer logo proposals in a few minutes. I’m the logo designer here! :woman-raising-hand: I’m passionate of my work, I love logos, typography and symbols.
I’m also a book lover and a writer. My first book (after a few handmade books… :dizzy:), untitled “Looking for Janis”, tells the story of my trip in USA following the steps of Janis Joplin. It’s a self-published book I designed myself, I also took all the photos, and drawn all the sketches. ( Last year, I published my first novel “Le chien noir” with a publishing house in France. “Le chien noir” is dark fairytale, inspired by Bluebeard and gothic novels of the XIXth century. I designed a secret website for the story, you can only access to it by reading the book. :eyes: (The book is French, but if you’re interested :
Finally, I also have to mention that I’m fond of music, and especially female rock singers. I run a radio show, in a local radio in the North of France, about women in the history of popular music, from the 50s, until today, called “Rebelles Rebelles”. I’ve already told the stories of the women in hard rock music, in rap music in the US, in British folk-rock, in Brill Building pop, etc. The monthly episodes are available on podcast on Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Podcast. I wasn’t able to launch a new episode lately, but soooooon the second part of the history of women in UK punk and post-punk music! :the_horns: (
Looking forward to get to know you!


Matthias Endler  11:50 AM

Hi folks. :sparkles: Working on a service for checking broken links. Sends you a report at the end of the month with all your broken links on your website. The stack is Laravel+Rust right now. I have a very exciting life.

Vinod A  11:59 AM

Hi everyone!
It’s good to be part of this community, introduced to by Tiago whom I did not know existed just an hour back. Two decades in, Internet continues to be inspiring in ways that it can bring people together. Seriously.About me: I’m from India. just launched a speech to text SAAS product about a week back. In beta now. While not babysitting, I’m trying to break the rut by talking to anyone that will try the product and give me feedback to progress :)Feel free to hit me up for any reason, I have couple of ears to lend :)